Command and Staff College

The Review“Owlet” was the first ever annual journal that was published in 1918, during World War I, when the College was functioning as a Cadet College. In 1919, the publication was named "The Owl Pie". In 1922 the name was again changed to “The Owl”. The Owl after 57 years of its appearance was replaced and renamed "The Review" in 1979.


The magazine has changed considerably over the years in its looks and size. Its main aim is to serve as a memento of the happy days spent together by the students of a course at the College. Its contents, therefore, originally are largely of a local interest. The editorial staff comprises a member of the Directing Staff and a committee of three or four students. The magazine enjoys a wide circulation. In addition to the students of the current and the future courses, it is read with great interest by a large number of ex graduates as well. Copies of the magazine are sent to all military institutions within the country and Staff Colleges of Allied countries.

The Review symbolises a milestone in the history of the College. This was a conscious effort to improve contribution from a vital segment of the College community which has much to offer in variety and originality. The Review continues to enjoy its extravagant character serving as a diary cum memento of the major curricular, extra curricular, social and cultural activities of each year undertaken at the College by the community, and has evolved over the years into a splendid publication.

The Citadelb1The Citadel is an official publication of Command and Staff College, which was first published in July 1984. For its inception, a proposal was made to the former President of Pakistan and Chief of the Army Staff, General Muhammad Zia ul Haq, during his visit to the College. The President benignly not only accorded his approval but also gave the magazine its name "The Citadel". The name denotes both the territorial and ideological strongholds. The Citadel is printed biannually.

The Citadel provides a vital locus to the contributors to express their views on contemporary issues of professional significance related to national security and modern warfare. The widespread ramification of modern system of warfare necessitates a perpetual process of formulation and reviewing the strategic and tactical doctrines. New concepts of warfare stir up a professional soldier to write on the objectives related to defence of the country. Articles published in the magazine are contributed by the officers of three services, both retired and serving and from others enjoying special knowledge or interest in military affairs or matters of national security.

Al Nisa Pink Book The Al Nisa magazine is exclusively a ladies forum in the Army and serves a vital role, being the only magazine that voices the issues, concerns and ideas of important segments of the community of Armed Forces wives. b1 It is not only a memory of the years-long social activities of Ladies Club but also a collection of useful articles.

The magazine traditionally covers all aspects of military life and many other important issues related to women. This assumes a special token that marks the year that student officers’ wives spent at the Staff College. It reminds us all of the very full year that the members have at the College. The Al Nisa magazine is a fine blend of interesting contributions that provide recollection of sports events, domestic skills classes, painting competitions and cultural shows spread over the year.

Al Nisa Cookbookb1 The Al Nisa Cookbook is, indeed, a bunch of flowers adorned with colourful and delicious national/international cuisine and recipes. 'The Cookbook" is a combination of repertoire of different recipes of cooking and baking competitions. The substance of the book manifests different ways and means of preparing variety of food items. The cooking techniques get more refined and garnishing assumes importance as you travel down country.

The ladies, hailing from all parts of Pakistan and indeed the globe, enthusiastically take part in such activities and add further colour and variety to the Al Nisa Cookbook. It offers plenty of ideas for all sorts of occasions ranging from simple to the rich and local to the international.