Command and Staff College

Method of InstructionThe College uses the latest methodology and modern technology to provide the highest quality of education and learning environment. The syndicate method is employed to exchange ideas and benefit from the varied experiences, qualifications and opinions of Pakistani and Allied Officers. Self-paced instruction is used for learning facts, techniques and procedures. The College thus blends various methods of teaching techniques to optimize learning.

The student officers are grouped into four divisions. A division has 10 syndicates of 10 officers each. Almost all syndicates have one allied officer each. One faculty member acts as the Directing Staff for a syndicate.

Most of the instructions are imparted on syndicate basis. The medium of instruction is English.

A 2-3 weeks pre-course training is organized for allied officers on arrival. This training helps in settling down and understanding the functioning of the College. Sunday is a closed holiday and Saturday is a private study/research day.

A syndicate is assigned to a Directing Staff of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel for a period of one term. The Directing Staff have high academic credentials and are amongst the best officers of the Army. They impart instructions, guide and direct the students for the entire duration of the term, after which new syndicates are formed. Hence, each student has four Directing Staff during the academic year. This arrangement provides a fair chance to each student officer, for evaluation and assessment of his performance on the Course.

b1The College curricular routine is guided by the regular input and direction by the Commandant and the Chief Instructor. They remain intimately associated with all the curricular activities in the syndicates and in map exercises. In order to enhance the breadth of vision of the students a number of guest speakers, eminently qualified in their subjects, regularly deliver lectures to the students.

The College is very well served by a well established Media Support Wing where facilities for audio visual recording and display are available. It is manned by a competent team of professionals including video editing engineers and cameramen. The Media Support Wing can serve the close circuit TV in all the syndicate rooms simultaneously, which is used in various curricular activities.

The College has also attained a singular distinction of ISO 9001 Certification in the year 2003 which is an acknowledgement of College’s adherence to modern management processes and high quality administrative practices.