Command and Staff College

Extra Curricular ActivitiesCommand and Staff College offers a cornucopia of extra curricular activities during the course in the shape of sports, excursions, picnics, social functions and musical evenings. The College community lives as a family and participates in these activities with a cheerful alacrity. Such activities act as an ideal counterpoint to the grind like curricular routine of the College. The College offers a wide variety of sports the most popular being, riding, swimming, tennis, cricket and squash.

Annual College FestivalAnnual College Festival is an important function which is organized to raise funds for the welfare of low paid employees of the College. The colourful stalls and the festive ambience also afford much sought after moments of relaxation. The festival is attended by a wide segment of armed forces and civil community and has attained a prominent place on the annual social calendar of Quetta.

International Gourmet / International Cultural ShowThe Allied officers form a very colorful part of the College social life. Their presence lends the College a truly cosmopolitan character.b1 Pageantry and colour abound at social functions where the Allied students show up in their national costumes. Every year the Allied community is seen organizing two events called, "International Cultural Show and International Gourmet" in which the Allied families display their national cuisine and cultural highlights along with Pakistani officers. These events are also marked by display of folk dance, music and folk apparel.

Poolside DinnerAnnual poolside dinner, arranged by Al Nisa Club is another delightful event in which the ladies community fetes their better halves to a sumptuous dinner, which is followed by a very interesting variety programme.

Annual Pantomimeb1The ability to laugh at one's foibles and idiosyncrasies is a quality that helps a soldier tide over periods of stress and monotony in a routinized existence. Annual College pantomime, which is arranged by the students towards the end of each course, is an event which features students in the role of mimics, comedians and actors sparing no one from the bards of their wit and humour. It is guaranteed that no member of the faculty comes out unscathed from the pointed attacks of the students.

Musical / Ghazal NightsMusic washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. To provide the faculty and students, an opportunity to unwind from the hectic routine, three musical / ghazal nights are organised each year. Renowned singers of the country are invited to lift up the spirits of the College audience.

Bingo NightsAt Command and Staff College, work and recreation go side by side. Bingo nights are arranged to provide an opportunity to the faculty and students to take a much needed break from the tiring and exhaustive curricular routine.