Command and Staff College

The Saddle and Polo Club This is one of the popular clubs in the College. Most of all, it is something the whole family can participate in, b1including those who consider the horse 'dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle'. Rides start inside a closed school, established near the out-gate of the College, five to six days a week. Gradually, ride-outs are organized followed by the popular Breakfast Ride. These attract both gourmets and the 'horsy crowed'. The peak of the season is the Annual Gymkhana with events for all ages and skills.

Swimming ClubThe Swimming Club welcomes officers, ladies and children as members. The College has a well maintained swimming pool with high boundary walls. Regular classes for non-swimmers including children, are organized during the swimming season. The annual Swimming Gala marks the peak of the season and is an eagerly awaited event both for the swimmers as well as non swimmers, especially the boat race between the faculty and the students (gents and ladies).

GymnasiumIt is a popular spot for all those who wish to flex their muscles and shed the extra flab. Ladies and children also utilize this facility. Recently, the Gymnasium has been refurbished and new equipment has been purchased to provide best facilities to the members.

Hiking ClubMurdar Garh (10,448 feet), Chiltan (10,870 feet) and Takatu (11,397 feet) is a trio of peaks surrounding Quetta, which perpetually pose a challenge to the adventurous scholars at the College. For the more enterprising, there is Loe Nekan (11,755 feet) in the Zarghun Ranges, which is the highest peak in Balochistan. More leisurely hikes on lower peaks for novices and picnics for the ladies and children to 'Sleeping Beauty', Urak, Hanna Lake and Wali Tangi Dam have always been very popular among all age groups including the ladies.

b1Skeet ShootingThe club is as old as perhaps the College itself. This club, apart from its routine activities, attracts a large number of shooters including ladies and children during its annual gathering at the ranges.

ShikarThe surroundings at Quetta have always been a hunting paradise. The memory of productive shoots in the area of Sirki Kuch (a Chikor paradise) remains fresh in the minds of our visiting veterans. The Club continues to plan the shoots regularly that attract a fairly large number of the keen ones from among the College community.

Children ClubSince there are so many social functions for the adults at the College, the children feel left out. To cater for their needs, we organize interesting visits, picnics and games for the children of the community. A number of functions for the children are arranged from time to time. These include visits to places of interest, like local army units, Aviation Base and Pakistan Television Station, jogging competition and children quiz competition etcetera.

Cinema Club The Cinema Club screens one English film every month in Jilani Auditorium. Movies for children are shown separately in Haq Nawaz Kayani Hall (earlier Abrar Hall) every week. Only quality films are screened. The Cinema Club also offers hiring of video films on nominal charges.

Al Nisa Club (Ladies Club)The ladies community of the College represented by Al Nisa Club plays an active part in organizing social functions which besides polishing the domestic skills of the ladies affords them and opportunity to actualize their latent aesthetic and amitotic potential. The club which functions under the patronage of Commandant’s wife runs regular classes in self refinement, domestic skills, painting, interior decoration and cuisine.

Annual College festivalAnnual College festival is an important function which is organized to raise funds b1 for the welfare of low paid employees of the College. The colourful stalls and the festive ambience also afford much sought after moments of relaxation. The festival is attended by a wide segment of armed forces and civil community and has attained a prominent place on the annual social calendar of Quetta.