Command and Staff College

Unique Tenures

Name Period Served Tenure Remarks
British Commandants
Brig Gen T Capper,CB, DSO From:31-3-1906
4 Years
9 Months
24 Days
Maj Gen H L Davies, CB,CBE, DSO, MC From:1-4-1947
4 Months
21 Days
Pakistani Commandants
Brig S A A Bilgrami From:22-12-1958
4 Years
4 Days
Maj Gen Abrar Hussain, HJ, MBE From: 8-8-1967
7 Months
7 Days
British Chief Instructors
Brig Gen A J McCulloch From:13-6-1919
4 Years
28 Days
Col G N Carington Smith From:10-6-1947
5 Months
26 Days
Pakistani Chief Instructors
Col A I Akram From:17-9-1960
4 Years
11 Months
24 Days
Brig Chaudri Nasir Ahmad From:21-2-1969
3 Months
14 Days
  • Unique Student. In the 100 years history of the College, Major (later Brigadier) Nisar Ahmad is the only student who completed the course in a period spanning over three years (1989-1991), owing to unavoidable medical reasons. The officer also stayed in Staff College accommodation for these three years, which again is a record by it self.

  • b1 The only Pakistani Field Marshal, Muhammad Ayub Khan was twice a student here at the College. First time, on 3rd Long Staff Course from December 1940 to June 1941, and second time on Senior Officers’ Course in 1950.

  • b1 Brigadier S. A. A. Bilgrami is the only Pakistani Commandant in the rank of Brigadier. Rest all were Major Generals.

  • b1 General Ahsan Saleem Hyat is the only Chief Instructor who later rose to the rank of a General.

  • b1 b1 The Pakistani Commandants who had not been on the Faculty are Major General M. A. Latif Khan, Major General M. G. Jilani and Major General Muhammad Shariff.

  • b1 b1 The only two Pakistani Commandants who are not the graduates of the College are Major General Riaz Azim (1972-1974) and Lieutenant General Tariq Waseem Ghazi (2000-2001). Interestingly, both are staff course graduates from Canada.

  • b1 b1 The only two Pakistani Chief Instructors who had not been on the Faculty as a Directing Staff are Lieutenant General Sahabzada Muhammad Yaqub Khan and Brigadier Mohammad Ahmed, SJ.

  • b1 The only Pakistani Chief Instructor who was not a graduate of the College is Lieutenant General Sardar Farooq Shaukat Khan Lodi.

  • Major General Syed Tanvir Husain Naqvi was the first ever Commandant who was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General while being at the office (August 1991).The other Commandants to have a similar honour were Lieutenant General Tariq Waseem Ghazi (February 2001), Lieutenant General Khalid Nawaz Khan (October 2009), Lieutenant General Khalid Rabbani (September 2010), Lieutenant General Aamir Abbasi (October 2017) and Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmed Anjum (September 2019).
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  • b1 Lieutenant General Habib Ullah (1943) and Lieutenant General Ali Kuli Khan Khattak (1973) are the only father and son who are the graduates of the College and later rose to be three star Generals.

  • b1 b1 The only brothers who remained as Chief Instructor are Brigadier Muhammad Ahmed, SJ (8-1-73 to 16-2-75) and Brigadier (later Lieutenant General) Syed Muhammad Amjad (23-5-88 to 10-7-90).

  • b1 b1 Lieutenant General Muhammad Amin Khan Berki and Lieutenant General Muhammad Iqbal are the only two officers, who were promoted Major General from the office of Chief Instructor and upgraded as Commandants.

  • b1 Lieutenant General Muhammad Amin Khan Berki remained Chief Instructor and Commandant for an uninterrupted record tenure of 5 years 11 months and 4 days.

  • Major General Ghazanfar Ali remained as a Directing Staff and Senior Instructor for an uninterrupted record time of 5 years 6 months and 19 days. Closely following him is Major General Tariq Javed who remained as a Directing Staff and Senior Instructor Training for an uninterrupted period of 4 years 11 months and 24 days.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Agha Ahmad Gul (later Brigadier) was the first member of faculty who belonged to Quetta.

  • Brigadier (Retired) Agha Ahmad Gul and Wing Commander Agha Mehr Gul are the only father and son who belong to Quetta and are both graduates and remained on the faculty of the college.

  • b1 b1 Colonel Agha Ali Ibrahim Akram and Brigadier Agha Masood Akram (Later Lieutenant General) are the only father and son who served as Chief Instructor of the college.

  • b1 Lieutenant General (Retired) Imtiaz Shaheen served as Senior Instructor(1988) while his son Brigadier Zulfikar Shaheen is the incumbent Chief Instructor since july 2018.