Command and Staff College,
Quetta, Pakistan

Hundred Years Celebrations
by Lieutenant General Waseern Ahmed Ashraf (Retired)
Adjutant General Pakistan Army


Staff College you complete your hundredth year

To millions and millions you are so dear

You are no doubt the pride of this Nation

And situated in this lovely station

The whole world knows you too well

Friendship between allies you are known to gell

Our dear friends sitting in front tonight are here to tell

While our enemies can go to hell

Your stature and standing one can only hail

As in comparison to you the others fall pale

You have given a direction and meaning to life

With opportunities this profession is rife

There is something for all of us here

So move forward and take your share

Of this College it is the hundredth year

And indeed an honour we all share

We pray that your years be hundreds more

And thousands succeed from your cherished door

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