Command and Staff College,
Quetta, Pakistan

Officers From Friendly Country Activities

Allied Officers Cell (AOC)

The cell was created in 2001 to facilitate the Allied Student Officers. The cell functions under the Senior Instructor (Training) and deals with all matters related to guidance and welfare of the Allied Officers. The organization has a DS Coord (member of faculty) and a Grade - 2 as Staff Officer. One Pakistani Student Officer is assigned to each Allied Officer as Sponsor Student to make his stay pleasant, professionally rewarding and comfortable. These officers help the Allied Officers to settle down in the new environment and provide guidance and assistance in both curriculum and personal matters. The normal intake of Allied Students is 35 - 40 in each course. Few major activities carried out by AOC are as under:-

Celebration of National Days and Religious Festivities

Most of the Allied Officers celebrate their National Days and religious festivals by inviting members of the faculty and some of their colleagues for a party. Allied Officers are given an opportunity to introduce their country to the entire College Community. The events generate a lot of interest in the Community.

International Cultural Show and Gourmet

b1The Allied Officers form a very colourful part of the college social life. Their presence lends to the College, a truly cosmopolitan character. Pageantry and colour abound at social functions, where the Allied Students show up in their national costumes.Two festivals are organized exclusively for the Allied Officers and their families to offer opportunities to project their national cultures, heritage and national cuisine along with Pakistani Officers. The events are marked by a display of folk dance, music and folk apparel which create an environment of festivity in the College.

Participation in Extra Curriculum Activities

Allied Officers and their families are encouraged to participate in Extra Curriculum Activities like Sports Competitions, Musical Evenings, Bingos, Picnics, Hiking and Ride Outs etcetera.

Participation in Al Nisa Club Activities

Allied Officer lady wives are an essential part of Al-Nisa Club. They along Pakistani ladies participate in every activity. The club plays important role in their grooming and education. The Allied ladies also bring in extra flavor to all functions and therefore, their contributions are usually the highlight of the occasions.

Local Tours

The College also arranges local visits to numerous places and events of interest. These include participation in celebrations of Pakistan National Day festivities, Hanna Lake, Mirri Fort, frequent interaction with Civil and Military Functionaries of the Province of Balochistan, visit of renound Civil Institutions and Ziarat etcetera.

Study Tour

The Allied Officers and their families have always treated the study tour as the most enjoyable part of the stay with Command and Staff College. The tour is conducted during the last weeks of the Third Term and includes visits to Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Murree, NathiaGali, Taxila, Abbottabad, Peshawar, Karachi and beautiful Gilgit - Baltistan. Study Tour is normally stretched over 18 - 20 days

Extra Curricular Activities