Command and Staff College,
Quetta, Pakistan

Sports Facilities

Squash. The game of agility, resilience, stamina, skill and above all, discipline and mutual respect. Squash Club of the Command and Staff College offers a valuable opportunity to develop these healthy traits with the facility of extensive exercise in minimum possible time, in all weather conditions. Many "Jehangir Khans" are seen endeavouring to break the wall and blast the ball round the year.

Basketball. Basketball is one of the most exciting and popular games, which is played throughout the year at the College. Highlighted by an exciting atmosphere and a lot of cheering, a tournament is organised by the club each year, in which one team per division puts to test the stamina of faculty's team.b1

Tennis. One of the most popular games in the world, which puts to test the body-mind coordination and stamina of the players and is very popular at the College. At the Staff College, Tennis Club welcomes officers, ladies and children as its members. These courts witness some of the most fiercely contested tennis matches, highlighted by an exciting atmosphere and a lot of cheering.

Cricket. It is arguably the most popular and cherished sport in our country and this College is no exception. Dominating the College, is the Cricket Club that always attracts a sizeable membership.b1

Autumn League Cricket Tournament is organised every year. A number of matches are organised between "Fathers and Sons", friendly matches with local teams and finally the highlight of the session is the Tri Brachial Cricket Match played between the Faculties and students of the three Services' Staff Colleges.

Volleyball. A game of team work, agility and technique, that is also very famous here at the College. The College strives to provide an environment, where all individuals can play volleyball recreationally and competitively. To spice up the environment, a match is played between faculty's team and Allied students team during the Ride Out to picturesque Hanna Lake. The typical slogans and cheers during the match are a treat to watch and listen to.

Football. The game was introduced in the College in 2001 and has generated a very enthusiastic response ever since. Messis and Ronaldos from different countries display their talents in a match between the Allied officers and students. It would not have worked very well if it was not for the spirit that the local students and students from different countries bring to the match. The eventwitnessed by the faculty, students and their families makes up for a great evening.

Ride Out/ Riding Gymkhanab1. The Saddle and Polo Club is a popular club that boasts participation from officers and other members of the families including those who consider the horse "dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle". A popular Ride Out to Hanna Lake is planned for the riders. However, the main attraction remains the Annual Gymkhana; an event for riders of all ages and different equestrian skills.

Badminton. Owing to the popularity of the game amongst all age groups, this club was introduced in 2008. A number of new indoor courts are being constructed and offer a perfect opportunity to hone one's badminton skills before the Annual Badminton Championship.

Skeet Shooting. For seasoned "Shikaris" and enthusiasts aiming at enhancing their firing skills and reflexes, Skeet Shooting Club of the Command and Staff College offers a valuable opportunity. A Skeet Shooting Competition is held in the middle of the course with a healthy participation from faculty and students alike. The families also enthusiastically participate in this yearly competition which is one of the most awaited events of the year.

Table Tennis. As part of the indoor games, Table Tennis remains a popular sport amongst adults and children alike. A competition is organised by the club at the start of winter season.

Swimming. b1Command and Staff College offers a very well maintained swimming pool and welcomes officers, ladies and children as members. Regular classes for weak and non-swimmers are also organised during swimming season.

Sailing Regatta. An Annual Sailing Regatta is organised for our adventurous little sailors at Hanna Lake.An event that keeps theenthusiastic children excited for the entire year.