Command and Staff College,
Quetta, Pakistan

Iqra Army Public School and College

b1The The Iqra Army Public School and College is an English medium institute of Command and Staff College. It primarily caters for educational needs of the children of the College community including Allied officers, Garrison officers (serving & retired) and civilians of Quetta. The institute has co-education system and is located within the College campus. The academic environment is conducive for the social, moral and physicalgrowth of the children. The staff endeavors to attain and maintain the highest possible scholastic standards for balanced development of the pupils. The aim is to impart balanced education to its students so as to help them achieve academic excellence, develop sound character and become responsible citizens.

History. The school was established in 1977 under the control of Command and Staff College, Quetta. Initially starting with Montessori section, in subsequent years it was upgraded to Primary school. In 1981, the school was further upgraded to Middle level. The year 1994 saw the school rise to Matriculation and Cambridge 'O' Level. The first batch that cleared both levels was then offered college (Intermediate) classes in science (Pre-engineering and Pre-medical). In 1996, the institution became known as IQRA ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL AND COLLEGE. In 2003, the College was further upgraded to Degree level and was affiliated with University of the Punjab for B.Sc classes. Later, the B.Sc classes were discontinued due to less number of students. Iqra APS&C is a private institution, run by an Executive Council headed by the Commandant, Command and Staff College.

Administration. The administrative staff of Iqra APS&C comprises the Principal, Section Heads and Administration Officer. The school has five main academic divisions, called sections:-

  • Pre-School Section. It consists of Playgroup, Nursery and Preparatory grades. The age group ranges from 3(+) to 5(+) years.
  • Junior Section. It consists of grades 1, 2 and 3. The age group varies from 6(+) to 8(+) years.
  • Middle Section. It consists of grades 4 to 8. The age group varies from 8(+) to 13(+) years.
  • From grade 8 onward, the school offers education in two different systems - Matriculation and Cambridge O Level. In Matriculation system, the syllabus prescribed by Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad is implemented. In Cambridge O Level, the syllabus laid down by the Cambridge University, England, is followed.
  • Cambridge Section. It consists of Cambridge GCE O Level classes. There are three levels; 8C (O1), 9C (O2) and 10C (O3). The age group varies from 13(+) to 15(+) years.
  • College Section. It consists of grade 9 and 10 (Matric stream) and FSc (1st Year and 2nd Year classes). The age group varies from 14(+) to 16(+) years.

Admission Policy. Admission in the school is subject to availability of seats, performance in the entrance test and interview in line with the policies and guidelines of Army Public Schools and Colleges Systems (APSACS) and School Executive Council. The salient features of the admission policy are as under:-

  • Eligibility
    • Category A. Wards of Directing Staff, Permanent Staff and student officers including Allied officers attending Course in the College (Wards of ex Directing Staff / Permanent Staff are treated at par for grant of admission)..
    • Category B. Serving/retired Armed Forces personnel residing in Quetta Garrison.
    • Category C. Civilians.
    • Category T. Teachers and administrative staff of Iqra APS&C.
    • Category A-Special. Low paid employees of C&SC.
  • Allocation of Seats. The allocation of seats is based on the following criteria:-
    • Admission is not denied to the category 'A' applicants. Children of teaching and administrative staff serving at Iqra are treated at par with category A applicants. This privilege is given to the confirmed staff members after the completion of probation period.
    • No admission for category A-Special is considered guaranteed. The number of students in A-Special should not exceed the limit of 5% of the total strength of students at the School / College.
    • The remaining seats are equally distributed between the category B and category C applicants on merit.
    • Application for admission is entertained only on the prescribed form available in the school office. Subject to availability of vacancies in a class, a test and interview are conducted. After the test / interview, a merit list is compiled for the successful candidates and admissions are granted on merit.

Allied Students. Children of Allied officers attending Staff Course at C&SC are granted admission in the school. Special English language classes are held for them under the supervision of a dedicated language expert. Besides, they attend regular classes at various grade levels under normal school programme.

Academics and Activities

  • Academic Session
    • Academic session of Pre-school, Junior and Middle sections is usually from May to April every year, as per the Army Public Schools and Colleges System (APSACS) schedule. It is divided in two terms, each comprising 20 weeks approximately. During each term, short duration continuous weekly assessment tests are conducted as per the APSACS academic calendar. At the end of each term, longer duration end term examinations are also conducted. In Pre-school and Junior sections (Montessori to grade 3), term exams are not held. The term exams are held from grades 4 to 8 only.
    • In Cambridge section, the duration of academic session for grade 8C (O1) and grade 9C (O2) is from May to April each year. The students of grade 10C (O3) appear in the final O Level exam, which is held as per Cambridge University programme, usually in May / June each year.
    • The Secondary School Certificate (SSC), grades 9 and 10, academic session lasts from May to March. The duration of Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) academic session is from June to April. During this period, scheduled assessment tests, term tests and send up tests are conducted. The College is affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad for the SSC and HSSC examinations.
  • Assessment Procedure
    • Assessment and Testing is a Very Important Part of APSACS. It consists of a progressive assessment procedure, wherein students’ academic performance is tested on regular basis. It helps to identify weaknesses and shortcomings on both short and long term basis. Students' performance / progress in assessments and end term exams is closely monitored. The results are shared with the parents through parent-teacher meetings, which are a regular feature of our overall academic programme. Parents are also requested to visit the school to discuss any special problems faced by their wards in a particular area (Academic, social, etc). During the term, some class work and assignments (where applicable) are also marked for assessment purposes.
    • Assessment Procedure in College and Cambridge Sections. Scheduled assessment tests and term exams are a regular feature. In order to register the students for external examination conducted by the Federal Board, send up tests are held. Pre Board / mock tests are conducted to provide a full dress rehearsal to the students before the Board exam. In Cambridge section, the same assessment procedure is followed.
    • Teacher and Student Awards. At the end of each academic session, Annual Awards Programme is held. It is usually graced with the presence of Commandant, Command and Staff College, who is also the Chairman of School Executive Council. The parents of award winners are invited to the occasion. As per the policy of APSACS, the first three position holders of grades 4 to 8 are awarded prizes as well as merit certificates. The performance of first position holders at school level in Secondary School Certificate, Higher Secondary School Certificate and Cambridge O Level exam is acknowledged with award of special medals. Besides, the best performers in co-curricular domain get special prizes. The teachers who perform distinctively during the session are also rewarded.

Library and Labs. To cater for the needs of students and the faculty, Iqra APS&C has two well equipped libraries, one for Junior School and other for Middle and College Section. Each year, new books are added to the library as per requirement. Special reading programme (Bibliophile) for the junior and middle Sections students is followed sincerely to develop reading comprehension and other language skills.