Command and Staff College,
Quetta, Pakistan

The College Libraries

b1Ghazi Library, in its present shape is a tastefully decorated repository of knowledge which is stocked with around 43,000 books on a wide variety of subjects. It is regarded as an integral part of instruction and is supervised by a Library Officer. There are some very rare books and manuscripts which attract the attention of the scholars and connoisseurs of books. The oldest book in the Ghazi Library is "The History of the Present State of the Ottoman Empire" authored by Paul Recant and published in 1686. The library is adorned with murals depicting Muslim history and the ideal leadership attributes of a human being emphasizing the reality of a Manichean struggle between good and the evil.

b1Ghazi Library houses books concerned with thoughtful reading. A large number of newspapers and national and international magazines on professional and general subjects are also available. It also boasts of extensive Internet facilities to assist the students in their research pursuits.

An Integrated Library Solution (web based library software) has been introduced with a view to provide an online search facility for library resources. A user now can browse through library catalogue, read the articles and suggest intake of library contents.

b1At present, the library holds 2500 rare books. The books are arranged and classified in accordance with Dewey Decimal classification system. Besides these books, approximately 10000 periodicals (including 5000 non-professional and 5000 professional) are available in the periodical section.

To facilitate the readers a number of selected books have also been scanned and placed on College Portal. Moreover, links to HEC and NDU Library are also available for the students.

The College also has a fiction library, named as Naqvi Library. It is housed in a quaint replica of old College building and offers a wide selection of weekly and monthly magazines in addition to a large variety of books for families and children of the officers.