Command and Staff College

Some Historical Trophies And Mementos Over the years, the College has put together an impressive collection of trophies and mementos. Presented by Students, Faculty Members and well wishers of the College, these trophies and mementos elegantly decorate the College Building, the Officers’ Mess and the Monty House (museum). Since it is not possible to include all the trophies and mementos in this section due to space constraints, some selected pieces are included to depict various time periods.

b1 This Owl was presented by Brigadier Sir H. Rawlinson, Commandant Staff College Camberley, in 1905. An exact copy of the same was also kept in Camberley Officers’ Mess.

b1 Quetta Hunt Point to Point Challenge Cup, dating back to 1905. The cup was renamed as Quetta Polo Championship up in 1955.

b1 This historical silver cup was presented to the Indian Staff College by the first Commandant Brigadier General A.W.L Bayly in 1905.

b1 Point to Point Cup for Horses, presented to the Indian Staff College by 181 Camberley psc Officers in 1906.

b1 This bell belonged to a Russian man-of-war and was captured by the Japanese at Port Arthur. It was presented to the Staff College by Rear Admiral Tanimha, Imperial Japanese Navy, on the occasion of the visit of Staff College officers to Port Arthur in May 1907.

b1 b1 The Mess boasts heads of various types presented over a period of about eight years. After some efforts, the origin of two of the heads has been traced. The head of a Markhor (left), Suleiman type but slightly winding, measuring 27½ inches between pegs was shot at Takatu in 1907 by Colonel McMahon, a Directing Staff. The other head is that of Markhor (right), Suleiman straight type, measuring 27½ inches between pegs and 39 inches round keel; a typical Khilafat Markhor, shot in 1908 by Colonel Shaw.

b1 Four small cups with the inscription of ‘Quetta Junior Polo Tournament’ dating back to 1907.

b1 This huge metallic bell was installed in 1908 in the tower of the Staff College building. It was presented by the Gillett and Johnston Croydon Company, UK. It clanged only in case of emergency. Presently, the bell is placed on the entrance of the Ghazi Library.

b1 An elegant silver cup presented to the Staff College, Quetta by His Highness Mir Mahmud Khan G.C.I.E., Khan of Kalat, as a memento of his visit in 1908.

b1 Cadet College Quetta Polo Challenge Cup, presented to the officers and cadets of the Cadet College, Quetta to commemorate the Great War 1914 - 19.