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Mr. Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi, Prime Minister of Pakistan addressed the graduates of Staff Course 2020-2021 in his maiden talk at Command and Staff College Quetta on his vision for future of Pakistan. He inspired the officers to realize their actual potential and utilize it while setting aside all kinds of fear. While talking about idealism and realism, he dilated that one must not give up on his dreams and should continuously strive until his ideals take shape of reality, however, in the process one must continue with soul searching, analysis and course correction.  While talking about his vision of Pakistan he related it to the philosophy of Allama Iqbal and struggle of Quaid-e-Azam in realizing the dream of Pakistan. He explained that by exercising two principles i.e Rule of Law and Compassion, we can make Pakistan a true welfare state. He also shed light on various projects undertaken by his Government for the benefit of common people to include Ehsaas Program, Health Card, Panahgah and Low cost housing scheme. He dwelled upon certain initiatives taken by his Government in various sectors to improve economy of the country including establishment of Technology Zones, Special Economic Zones, Industrialization and engagement with overseas Pakistanis. In foreign policy domain he expressed his resolve to maintain a positive role in bringing harmony in the region.  In the end he appreciated the sacrifices made by Armed Forces to ensure peace and prosperity in the country.