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His Excellency Mr. Nong Rong, People’s Republic of China Ambassador to Pakistan visited Command and Staff College to deliver a talk to the student officers on Pakistan – China Relations, Challenges Opportunities and Way Forward. The guest speaker initiated his talk by admiring the rich history of Command and Staff College and the role it has played over the decades in training and grooming military leadership of the country as well as of friendly countries. He highlighted that year 2021 mark the completion of 7 decades of  all-weather friendship between China and Pakistan. He also mentioned that visits by Chinese President to Pakistan in 2015 and by Pakistani Prime Minister(s) thereafter, opened new avenues of cooperation and bilateral relationship between the two countries. While talking about CPEC, he mentioned that high paced developments are taking place in Infrastructure, Industry, Agriculture, Energy, Socio-economic and Science & Technology  Sectors, where 48 projects worth over 25 Billion Dollars have already been completed. He dilated upon military and defence cooperation between both countries including mutual exchange program, joint exercises and joint production of military equipment. About containment of Covid-19 Pandemic he said that Pakistan and China are working in close cooperation with each other to mitigate the effects in health and economic sectors. He concluded that Pakistan and China are Iron brothers and are committed to support each other for international peace and prosperity. His talk was followed by a candid Questions and Answers Session.