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College Library

College Library has around 55 thousand books and 68 periodicals and journals. 75 percent of the books are on subjects pertaining to the “Art and Science of Warfare” with a much enriched reference corner. Additionally, the library receives a large number of newspapers and maintains research folders on important subjects. College is connected to the Higher Education Commission, enabling students to access reference material online.

Fatima Jinnah Library

It has about 13,000 books on a variety of subjects and caters for the needs of the entire community. Lady wives of students enjoy its facilities when their husbands are busy doing the course. It also contains books which are of interest to the children.

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The college is also managing an e-library, through Integrated Library Software, and maintaining around 20 thousand e-books.

List of Books available in Library

Books – Part 1

Books – Part 2