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Command and Staff College

Command and Staff College, Quetta is one of the premier, century old military institute of the world, and the oldest military institution of Pakistan. It was established in 1905, by Field Marshall Lord Kitchener, then Commander in Chief of British Indian Army.

                Command and Staff College is a premier military institution of Pakistan Army. The College is charged with the responsibility to train and groom the future leadership of the Army and those from the friendly countries. The trainees here are imparted education and skills in a manner that enables them to handle their future assignments with an innovative approach and professionalism. The College indubitably is the cradle that nurtures, hones and tempers the intellectual potentialities of the student officers. It boasts of an ambiance animated by a wide ranging and a broad based curriculum where training in hardcore professional subjects is imparted using modern management techniques and latest research methodology in a state of the art IT environment