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Instruction Methodology

The College uses latest instructional methodology and modern technology to provide the highest quality of education and learning environment. Syndicate method is employed to exchange ideas and benefit from the varied experiences, qualifications and opinions of Pakistani Student Officers and Officers from Friendly Countries (OFCs). Self-paced instruction is used for learning facts, techniques and procedures. The College thus blends various methods of teaching techniques to optimize learning.

The course is divided into four terms. Students go through a term as part of a syndicate of 10. A Directing Staff of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel is responsible to direct the studies in a syndicate during each term and is also responsible for the assessment of students’ performance during the term. The Directing Staff have high academic credentials and are amongst the best officers of the Army. They impart instructions, guide and direct the students for the entire duration of the term, after which new syndicates are formed. Hence, each student has four Directing Staff during the academic year.