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Training Facilities

The college has extensive training support facilities at its disposal. Details are as under:-

·        40 Syndicate Rooms.

·        4 Models Rooms.

·        2 Auditoriums (Jilani and Ashfaq Kayani Auditoriums) with seating capacity of 500 and 1100 officers respectively.

·        A Planning Room and 3 Briefing Rooms.

·        Printing Press and Reproduction Cell.

Information Technology Wing

The College hosts an elaborate Information Technology infrastructure to fulfill its curricular needs. College has a laptop based (Thin Client), local area network, which hosts ‘College Management Suite’ for all curricular activities. This, in addition to High speed internet, has been made available to all students and faculty members at both in campus and at residence. Digital Maps and Network Enabled War-fighting Capability is also extensively referred to during most of the curricular activities. Alongside, an Information Technology Laboratory, Language Laboratory, Portal Cafe and certain other facilities form part of our comprehensive information Technology infrastructure.

Media Support Wing

Use of modern technology at the College has considerably enriched and improved the quality of instruction. Some of the installed facilities include a modern closed circuit TV network known as Educational Television, internet Facility and a Cable TV Service. Internet facility is extended to each student at his residence and students are encouraged to make use of the wealth of information available on the net. These facilities have been organized under the ‘Media Support Wing’. The utilization and integration of some of these facilities in the curriculum make the instruction effective, interesting and innovative. The Media Support Wing can serve all syndicates at one time and the facilities can be used for group discussions, lectures, conferences, individual research and war games.

Language Training

Language Laboratory is equipped with audio-visual aids. English and Urdu language classes are organized for OFCs and their families in this laboratory.