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Curricular Activities

The Staff Course is a self generating course and though the student officers have a Directing Staff for guidance, learning and teaching is through a process of individual study, group discussions, critiques and implementation of plans and formulation of written papers. The Course, generally, is challenging and demands considerable interest from participants. The curriculum has been divided into three main groups of studies, i.e, Professional Studies, Developmental Studies and Research Studies. The College strives to produce a dynamic staff officer who, with experience, should be able to assume higher command responsibilities.

The College is affiliated with the National Defence University Islamabad for the award of Masters of Science Degree in Art & Science of Warfare to the officers who possess a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree (i.e. civilian education for 14 years) and successfully complete the Staff Course. Successful graduates of the Course are awarded the symbol of ‘psc’ (Pakistan staff course).