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The ‘OWL’ is considered a symbol of learning and wisdom in the West, thus was adopted as the college emblem on its inception. This emblem depicted the character of this institution, the seat of military knowledge and wisdom. College carried Owl as its emblem for 75 years.

A new emblem was adopted on 4 July 1979, in which word ‘Iqra’ represents the First Divine Revelation to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and first duty of every Muslim; that is to ‘Read’. The crossed swords of the emblem are the traditional symbol of Pakistan Army. A scroll runs through the swords, on which Persian famous scholar, Sheikh Saadi’s words ‘PIR SHO BIAMOOZ SAADI’ are inscribed. Its literal meaning is ‘Grow old, learning Saadi.

The emblem underlines the value of acquiring knowledge right from the beginning of one’s life till its end. Scroll running through the swords depicts the value of education in the times of war and operations, which is further augmented by the golden hilt of the swords, indicating that their lightened swordsmen know nothing but compassion in their use.