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Lieutenant General Sher Afgun, Hilal-i-Imtiaz (Military) is a military leader with vast, diverse and challenging experience of command and leadership in counter terrorism, line of control and national security. He educated the students on Modern Day Leadership Challenges Likely to be confronted by Pakistan Army’s Future Leadership. Taking the opportunity the General Officer spoke on Kashmir issue contextualizing it in the correct perspective with ref to certain key historic events. He viewed ‘Kashmir Issue’ to be more of a humanitarian, legal and social than to be territorial issue. He then passionately spoke on the topic starting with the conceptual contours of command and leadership followed by the contemporary environment that impacts the thinking of command and leadership with special focus on social and technical impacts. The guest speaker later laid down future challenges with specific examples. He gave cardinals of future leadership and expectations based on 3Cs Model i.e Competence, Courage and Character and their subs attributes. In the end he emphasized on need of ambition coupled with passion and power of inspiration as desirable for a good leader. He was candid in answering various questions raised by the students.