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Lieutenant General Sarfaraz Ali, HilaI-i-Imtiaz (Military) Tamgha-e-Basalat & Bar educated the student officers on current situation of Balochistan and the way forward. He initiated his talk by giving an overview of Balochistan, its geography, ethnic peculiarities and diverse culture. While dissecting the issues being confronted in the province, he clarified certain myths and misperceptions with regards to history, conduct of Counter Terrorism (CT) operations and socio-economic development being undertaken over years. Thereafter, he explained various dimensions of the issue with their impact on security to include terrorism, governance, external factors (Hostile Intelligence Agencies and other influences) and internal dynamics. Talking about the overall security environment of the province, he highlighted that instances of terrorism have reduced considerably owing to focused kinetic operations undertaken in the past, however the current environment warrants more emphasis on socio-economic and political issues. He also dilated upon latest tactics adopted by the Terrorists, where a small action is exaggerated as a great success in Information Operations Domain.  He then explained the contours of response in kinetic/ non-kinetic domains and the overlapping middle space primarily aiming at improving the security and strengthening the social contract between the state and people. He also updated the students on latest developments with regards to border management, CT Operations and socio-economic development projects being undertaken in the province. While concluding, he emphasized the need to look inwards to improve the response with focus on the role and responsibilities of junior leaders. Talk was followed by an interactive and Questions and Answers Session.